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Gaylord Michigan City Council

The Gaylord City Council meets the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, located in the City Hall, 305 E. Main Street, Gaylord, Michigan.

City of Gaylord - Protocol for Public Meetings


Bill Wishart, 989-942-0439

Council Members

Ward 1: Jordan Awrey (term expires January 2024), 605 South Court Street, Gaylord, 989-858-6262

Ward 2: Taylar Akin (term expires January 2024), 123 West Petoskey Street, Gaylord, 231-499-0513

Ward 3: Stephen Hartz (term expires January 2024), 336 East Fourth Street, Gaylord, 989-619-8636

At Large: Vic Ouellette (term expires January 2022), 418 North Otsego Avenue, Gaylord, 989-390-8695

At Large: Todd Sharrard (term expires January 2022), 709 West Street, Gaylord, 989-619-0906

At Large: Alan Witt (term expires January 2022), 248 South Illinois Avenue, Gaylord, 906-203-7523

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